you want to letter with confidence

even if you've never picked up a brush pen before

Imagine This...

You fill your home with art you love- that you've created- that didn't cost you a fortune.

That quote you've always kept close to your heart? How rad does it look on your walls now- in your exact style. It's totally you. 

You don't need to search the boutiques for the perfect $8 card for your BFF- you can make one from your kitchen table that's just as cute.

And wrapping her gift? Hand letter on that kraft gift bag, friend. It'll save you money and you know she'll like it more anyways.

Stressed? Aren't we all, but you pull up a chair and a coffee and letter your feelings out on the page. With swashes and block letters and the tension disappears (and so does the coffee).

Did I mention how fun doodling during conference calls is now?

When I started hand lettering... I wouldn't have dreamed this would be my reality- I'm naturally TERRIBLE at writing. You could ask my school teachers- I was requested to type my papers while other students were allowed to submit written papers. 

I fumbled through YouTube videos and blog posts and Instagram post after Instagram post to try and 'figure it out' myself. Most resources I found skipped over the very very basics or missed simple tips that could have saved me time and headache.
If you're feeling like that reality up there is pretty far from your current truth, I'd love to help you learn brush lettering & break through those creative barriers & negative self talk.

I know you've got what it takes.

You do too... isn't that why you're here?



And you don’t need to search for tutorials or supplies & second guess you’ve got the right tools to letter. 

We’re starting from the ground up.



Understand the difference between brush lettering, calligraphy, faux calligraphy, & typography

Choose your tools by comparing my top picks, with examples, of course

Understand basic lettering terms & ‘rules’ (learn the rules to break them, right?) 

Learn how to best hold your pen- with videos, tips, and exercises 

Learn & practice the 9 basic strokes- not just up and down 

Master joining strokes to make letters 

Practice each letter in 6 unique styles 

Easily connect letters to make words 

 Learn how to add your personal style to your lettering with 12 small variations

Gain confidence in basic flourishing & WHERE to add them 

Understand composition & layout of lettered designs (& how to make it happen!)

You can do the course from home...
or anywhere in the world & on your own schedule.

You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection! 

The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

Ready to make this the year you nurture your creativity & expand your lettering skills?

Let’s be honest- there’s never been a better time to learn brush lettering. 

Whether it’s for stress relief, making your home more home-y, to challenge yourself in a rewarding way, or to launch a side hustle… 

it’s time to claim back your creativity.

Let's get you lettering like you know you can... 
on everything you can get your hands on.

Here's what others have to say

"I’ve tried teaching myself brush lettering by looking at examples, but having a proper guide made it way easier. The 6 different styles were great as it allowed me to try everything out but I could then decide what felt most natural.  

I didn’t realize how unsteady my hand was until I actually sat down and tried to do it properly, but the warm ups (swishes and loops oh my) really helped get my hand used to the movements, especially the 9 basic strokes - something I couldn’t have learned by just looking at examples."

“I have taken calligraphy workshops using nibs and ink, and although it was fun to try something new, it was a little intimidating! Learning brush lettering with Colleen was so more my speed. Her tips on lettering made me feel in control so I could have fun with it while I was learning!”
“I have admired Colleen’s hand lettering for ages – girl has got some serious talent! I was super excited that she’s finally teaching the rest of us her secrets. 

Colleen is a wonderful teacher. Everything is laid out so well and you don’t need any super fancy materials to get started. This is such a fun hobby – I can’t wait to keep practicing and refining my skills! Thanks Colleen!”
“Colleen’s style of teaching really resonates, and the level of thought and detail she puts in is evident from start to finish… Colleen’s work will help you create beautiful brush lettering!”
Calli & Bri

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Learn Brush LetteringE-Course$0
Through this course, you'll

Choose your tools by comparing my top picks

Understand basic terms & rules of brush lettering

Learn how to best hold your pen

Practice the 9 basic strokes

Master joining strokes to make letters 

Practice each letter in 6 unique styles 

Easily connect letters to make words 

Learn how to add your personal style to your lettering with 12 variations 

Gain confidence in basic flourishing

Understand composition & layout of lettered designs 

PLUS You'll receive access to 6 BONUS trainings including 3 Pep Talks!

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